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You Can Thank Us Later – Reasons to Stop Thinking About Mattress

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Flexible polyurethane foams are the foams with which mattresses are manufactured, among other products. They are better known to the general public as HR, viscoelastic or by their trade names such as Tempur, Bultex, and Airvex etc…

These foams, if of good quality, should maintain the characteristics announced by the manufacturer during their useful life. Unfortunately, this is almost never the case due in part to the great price war that exists in the mattress sector, which is why many well-known manufacturers use very normal polyurethane foams, selling them as last generation technical foams. In this way they guarantee a price that for many may be attractive but shortly after buyers notice that the mattress does not have the same firmness, the same comfort,

They do not sleep the same and they do not recover. It is very difficult but at the same time easy to determine which mattresses will meet the requirements to know that our choice is correct. Now we will talk about technical details (the difficult) but then we will tell you what mattresses exceed, in our opinion, these tests.

Resistance to Fatigue and Durability

Fatigue strength and durability are measured in a laboratory when compressing and decompressing the foams for 80,000 cycles with a load of 75 kg. Why these parameters? Because in this way we can simulate in a very real way the use of foam under normal conditions of use (we understand by foam the viscoelastic, the HR, the polyurethane foams etc. …)

At the end of the test, the thickness and hardness of the sample is checked again, so we check whether or not it has lost the initial and final values.

Another test made to the foam is compression, which allows measuring the loss of height of the foam sample when we compress it to 75% for 22 hours at about 70ÂșC. Depending on the result we will have quality 1 foams for mattresses of first quality or quality foam 7 for mattresses with sales of 70% for those who create them.

After this small article in which we wanted you to be aware that everything that is visco or HR is not the same. We will tell you some of the manufacturers that for us are a guarantee of good foaming and that pass the controls described above.

Surely there will be other good manufacturers that have foam at the level of which we have mentioned but unfortunately we do not believe that there is much more than we noted since, Expert refer to what they said at the beginning of the price war, many of the manufacturers years that do not know what a good foam is and they are making us “popular” mattresses so that we see them tall and pretty but with blocks of foam that do not know what it is to step on a laboratory of resistance and durability tests.

On the contrary, those that are really good are in line with the price that is asked for them. A technical foam mattress measuring 150 x 190 cm with quality for less than $ 1,300, do not look for it because it does not exist even if many shops tell you yes because it is reduced. Think that a Tempur reduced in its basic version costs 1. $ 827 and is not the 22 cm, but the 19 cm. Saying $ 1,300 you have sinned to be short, but you honestly believe that there are good foam mattresses for that amount. The annotation of some brands is to make a summary of the brands that we commercialized for 22 years and from which we can affirm what we write. It is recommended to search for best mattress 2019for all these above-mentioned contents.