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Choose a good mattress to avoid back pain

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We spend the third part of our lives sleeping and there are many people who start the day with discomfort or back pain. If every morning when you get out of bed you have the feeling of tiredness, back pain or very heavy back, probably due to the choice of an inadequate mattress or because yours has already lost all its properties. It’s time to change mattresses! Avoid all those daily habits that damage your back starting with this one.

  1. Our body is not rigid, it is full of curves. For a proper rest, it is necessary to choose the best rated mattressesitem that adapts to your body, not you to him. When you are in the store, we advise you to try it for a few minutes. Lie on your back with your legs straight and check that the mattress adapts to the shape of your body, your joints and that you have a correct support of the lower back in a natural way and that it does not form an arch above it. Do not be ashamed to do it! You must try what will be your resting place for a few years, do not you think?
  2. Is a hard mattress or a soft mattress better? The mattress should be of medium firmness so that you do not feel that the body is being forced. As we have already mentioned, a good mattress should respect the natural curvature of the spine, face up and aligned while you sleep on your side. If the mattress is too hard, it will not adapt to your body causing excessive tension in the back and, on the contrary, if it is too soft to the curvature of the spine will be affected.
  3. What material do I choose? Mattresses can be manufactured in different ways, technologies, and materials, the most common being spring, foam, latex, and viscoelastic. Let’s see the characteristics of these to understand the benefits that can bring us to our discomfort in the back.

The mattresses of springs; the main problem with these mattresses is that they give way with time and tend to sink in the center, generating an incorrect posture of our body and a bad rest. That is why they should be rotated every three months and rotated from head to toe. However, while in good condition they are optimal for their firmness, comfort and cushioning.

Foam mattresses are very economical and are sold in different densities. The mattresses of low-density foam are not recommended, because although at first, they seem to be comfortable in a short time tend to sink with the consequent damage to the health of the back.

Latex mattresses; although they are the most expensive, they are a good investment for a good rest. Their enormous elasticity makes them adapt perfectly to the body and joints, although, unlike a mattress spring, they eliminate sweat worse.

Viscoelastic Mattresses; this material is similar to the previous one but has a little more hardness. The main characteristic of this type of mattress is to adapt to the shape of our body, depending on the pressure and temperature of the same, providing great comfort.

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