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Here Is What You Should Do for Your Mattress

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The fact that we spend one-third of our lives sleeping sounds like a waste of time, but it’s crucial when talking about the importance of choosing the right mattress. According to a recent study by Quality mattresses, only 34 percent of those aged 25 to 65 who are aged 25 to 65 years old get up easily from the bed, while a much greater number of those with back, neck, or headaches are more likely to get out of bed.

People during the working week sleep on average shorter than they would like (between 6 and 7 hours), but they sleep more than eight hours on weekends. Some of us sleep in the afternoon and thus compensate for the lack of sleep. As you can imagine, afternoon sleepers are more common men. If we already sleep shorter than we want or love (and on average, it is about 2,500 hours) then it is necessary to rest well during this time. When buying a car, look for the one that is safe, and that will meet all your needs, the same with the mattress.

How to choose a good mattress?

There is no universally good mattress. You need to answer the following questions and discover what is best for you:

Are you sleeping alone or with your partner? In case you are not alone on the mattress, you need to consider your weight and weight of your partner or partner. So, kilograms are important, but only to make sure that you have chosen the right mattress on which you will both be well rested. In case one of you two is heavier, the mattress must be resistant to bending and dents.

How are you sleeping? Just as in the case of weight, and the posture you take during sleep plays an important role in selecting a mattress. Do not be lazy to yourself and your health, keep in mind that the mattress needs to be tested, and there is a possibility that if you have a mattress that does not suit you, you can always replace it.

It is necessary to rest well during sleep it is necessary to rest well during sleep

Since its inception, Quality mattresses has a mission to connect the terms “sleeping” and “living” as much as possible, just as a healthy man cannot separate a quality life from quality sleep. An important remark, this word is correctly pronounced, which you probably did not know.

That the brand with a great reputation is confirmed by the fact that the Danish royal family rests on Jukes beds and Quality mattresses. How would you not? Did you see that furniture? And not only is the design fashionable and aesthetically brought to perfection, it is a typical Northern Ireland functionality that offers simple, well-suited solutions for those who are not blue blood.

Case for children’s mattresses

Choosing a mattress for a newborn, it is necessary to pay attention not only to the inner content, but also to the outer shell. The covers for the low-end models of children’s mattresses are mostly made of simple cotton fabrics such as sweets and chintz, which are quickly worn Torn, wiped, faded. Optimal – strong and durable Case Jacquard fabrics that contain 70-80% cotton and 20-30% – of synthetic fibers.


A useful addition of baby mattresses will be waterproof mattress pads. Working on the principle of diaper, protects the mattress from the “sons of surprise”, easily washed and washed. If you use an old mattress, the mattress of the backing is not a whim but a need: it will help create a hygienic environment in the cradle. Get the information regarding baby mattress on Mattress sales.